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About Us

Our Mission


Our mission is to prepare, inspire, develop, and educate our young volleyball players. We will inspire success through high quality physical training, with special attention devoted to the mental aspects of the game. Thunder Bay Volleyball Academy will help every athlete reach the peak of their abilities while being coached and treated with dignity and respect in a positive - but intense - training environment. Our goal is to help every athlete get to the next level of playing in college.



Our vision is to be the best club in the Tampa Bay area. We will accomplish this by focusing on meaningful training and time-honored techniques. We will teach our athletes to be students of the game, with emphasis on being well rounded and able to play all positions at a high skill level..

Our Organization


We are a diverse organization comprised of coaches and staff having a wide range of life experience. Our coaches have collegiate and international playing and coaching backgrounds (please see our coach's page). Our staff includes former military leaders and successful small business owners with nearly 15 years of experience managing nonprofit organizations. Together we represent the wonderful diversity of the Tampa Bay community. We will be the model of efficiency for our Academy parents and athletes, and ensure that our focus is at all times right where it belongs - on the positive growth of our children.

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