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Outdoor Club Fees

GROUP I - 3 Competitive Leagues offered this season: (Sign up with or without a partner, we will match you based on skill & age)

Full - 12 week season (May 1st - July 30th) (For you got nothing better to do’ers)

Half - 6 week seasons (For you summer vacationers)

(May 1st - June 11th) or (June 12th - July 30th)


Payment Plans: 

  • Full Season – $420 (Average cost is $16/person/practice)

       1st Payment = $220 due May 2

       2nd Payment = $100 due June 2

       3rd Payment = $100 due July 2


  • Half Season – $275 (Average cost is $23/person/practice *Increase is due to apparel cost does not change*)

       1st Payment = $175 due May 2

       2nd Payment = $100 due May 23


**Any player signed up for a 6 week season can come to the other 6 week season at the non-competitive fee $15 per practice**



Season Includes:

  • T-shirt

  • Bottoms, & sports top


(At an additional cost, a group order for sand socks can be ordered to save on shipping costs)






GROUP II-Non-Competitive League (partners not required) – (for you all summer vacationers)

  • Come to any scheduled practice per week (must be informed ahead of time)

  • $15 per person per practice session- pay per practice in cash on day of practice attended

  • You can pay in advanced if you know what days you will attend

  • No apparel included in price but can purchase as an additional cost when ordering for Competitive league.


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