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11's Team Pull Out 3rd in Clearwater

March 10, 2016


This last weekend our 11's team came away with the 3rd place medal in the Gold bracket during the Spring Classic tournament. They played extremely well this weekend and ended up with a 4-1 record. They had a tough match Sunday and after a hard fought match ended up losing, but not before taking away the 3rd trophey. Great job 11's!

13's Go Undefeated at the Sping Classic

March 10, 2016


Our 13's Elite team swept through the competition this last weekend in Clearwater. They performed to perfect each match and played with a determination to win. While some matches were closer than others they kept their composer the entire weekend and ended up undefeated and taking home the Gold! 

16's Club Wins Second in Gold

March 10, 2016


Our 16's Club team played fantastic at the Spring Classic. They played with a new fire that they had not displayed this season and at the end of the first day were undefeated placing them in the Gold bracket. After sweeping through the first round of bracket play they entered into the Gold match with high hopes. They quickly took the first set with ease unfortunately the opposing team rallied and came back to win the second set. Nerves were high as the 16's entered into the final set of the tournament. The play was back and forth the entire set going point for point. Finally the score came to rest at 13 to 13. Two points to victory or defeat. After a timeout both teams came out ready to fight to the last blow of the whistle. Sadly the opposing team won those last two points. It was a hard fought match and we are all extremely proud of the way our girls fought. Excellent run 16's! We are proud of you! 

Catching up with Alumni Corey Perkins 

February 12, 2016


Our very own Thunder Bay Alumni Corey Perkins recently got to experince her first snow when she went back for her second semester at the University of Delaware. Corey is currently a second semester freshman playing volleyball at the University of Delaware. To see the full story click here

16's Elite Win Silver in Tallahassee

February 7, 2016


This past weekend our 16's Elite team made a name for themselves in our states capitial! They had a rough start on day one, but over the course of the weekend fought back hard and ended up taking home the silver first place trophey. Congratulations 16's way to continue to fight against the odds! Go Thunder Bay!

Coach Carvajal is Recognized as #1

February 7, 2016


Our very own Coach Magaly Carvajal was recently posted in a video that named her spike, in one of her international matches, as the number one hit by a middle blocker. We are so proud and honored to have you Coach Magaly as a key part of our team. You go Hall of Famer!!

Coach Magaly Carvajal
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