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Magaly Carvajal



Magaly’s Highlights:

  • Olympic Games – Gold, 1992 Barcelona Team

  • Olympic Games – Gold, 1996 Atlanta Team

  • World Championship – Gold, 1994 Brazil Team 

  • Spain – 2009, Ciudad Las Palmas G.C. Cantur 

  • CV IBSA ACE Gran Canaria – 2013-2014, Top Scorer

  • Considered the greatest MB to ever play women’s volleyball


World champion and Olympic champion, Magaly led Cuba to Olympic Gold Medals in the 1992 Barcelona 

and 1996 Atlanta Games.  She also helped Cuba to win the World Gold Medal in 1994.  She has been called the greatest middle blocker to ever play the sport of women's volleyball and is known for shutting down the greatest hitters in the world. Magaly is famous for her 11 foot vertical jump and an intimidating stare at the net; aka, "the look of death".

Magaly played in 2009 for Ciudad Las Palmas G.C. Cantur in Spain where she was elected MVP and "Best 7" several times. In 2013/14 she played for CV IBSA ACE Gran Canaria 2014 and was one of the Top Scorers in the first Spanish league.  Her team finished 3rd and she was 2nd best scorer of the league after MVP Daniela da Silva with 438 points to 440 and a 44,42% success in attacks (10th - 15th da Silva has 42,30%).


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